Race & Microaggressions CLE

Reveal Moments | taught by Barbara J. Diamond

Course description

Diamond Law Training presents Continuing Legal Education on Implicit Bias, the unconscious beliefs that cause well-meaning people to perpetuate inequality. The Microaggressions & Race module features noted academics, judges, and lawyers of color who discuss their experiences with racism and visions for social change in the legal field. Participants will also view Barbara J. Diamond's film Reveal Moments, featuring four people of color who share the microaggressions they have encountered at work and in daily life.

In Oregon, this module is worth one Access to Justice credit.

Barbara J. Diamond
Barbara J. Diamond
Senior Trainer

Barbara J. Diamond is a labor, employer, and civil rights lawyer with over 30 years of trial and appellate experience. As the founder of Diamond Law Training, Barbara works as an anti-bias trainer and consultant. She is passionate about Implicit Bias Theory and helping organizations reduce the impact of cumulative, unconscious bias. Her recent training and consultant clients include Portland State University, the Oregon Professional Liability Fund, and the Washington Education Association.

Barbara hails from New York state and is a graduate of NYU Law School and Binghamton University. Barbara uses she/her pronouns.